What we do

The PCN was formed as part of the NHS Long Term Plan. The PCN Board consists of GPs and practice managers from each of the practices. We are part of the Health and Care Integrated Delivery group. Our nurses meet together every month with community and specialist nurses, to make communication and working together a reality. Being part of a PCN means that we can employ extra specialist staff who work at all four of the practices.

Many physical and mental health problems can be improved by taking care of well-being and focusing on what is most important to you. Working with Rutland County Council, we have employed a ‘social prescribing link worker’ as part of a team of people (the RISE team) who help people to identify their health priorities, and start making the changes that will improve their health and wellbeing.

We now have a first contact physiotherapist who can assess muscle and joint problems, and several clinical pharmacists who will advise on medications and minor illnesses. A physician associate has recently started work with us; she will be monitoring people with long term conditions.

The PCN is expected to improve population health, enhance the care provided in care homes, ensure that cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, and provide medication reviews for people who take complex medicines. We are working on how best to achieve this.

Our overall aim is to help people to improve their health, to make sure that the tests and treatments that don’t need to be in a major hospital are provided in Rutland or nearby, and to improve access to health care by building a team that can support patients alongside their GP. We need to work with patients to better understand what is most important to you.