I am worried about my drug or alcohol use

If you feel that you would like to cut down your alcohol or recreational drug use, or it has begun to have effects on your physical or mental and relationships, now is the time to get some advice.

Access the following organisations for help…

Turning Point – Our local support service for advice and information.


Alcoholics anonymous – Support and meetings in Oakham and Uppingham.


Ok Rehab – Drug and alcohol addiction. Either advice for yourself, or someone you are worried about.


Some other tips which you may also find helpful…

NHS Advice https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/alcohol-support/tips-on-cutting-down-alcohol/

General Local Support…

Pepper’s and the Neighbourhood Mental Health Cafe – On the High Street in Oakham, drop in sessions for people struggling with their mental health, for a chat and a cuppa. Several welcoming activities throughout the month to get confidence and support. https://www.peppersasafeplace.co.uk/

There are particular drop in times for anyone struggling with their mental health and needing immediate support, and transport could also be provided. https://www.peppersasafeplace.co.uk/our-services/neighbourhood-mental-health-cafe

Get Out and About – Sometimes it’s a listening ear and knowing you’re not alone that starts you back on the right track. Sometimes you might need a helping hand getting out and about, to get out enjoying the old things you used to love doing, or getting into something new. Check out the local area to see what’s about… https://services.thejoyapp.com/

Free NHS Talking Therapies –  Refer yourself for NHS Talking Therapies. For those who live in Leicester, Leicestershire or Rutland and aged 16 or over. You do not need to see a GP first and can call directly. Please call VITA Health Group on 03300 945595. Or visit their website for more information or refer online… https://www.vitahealthgroup.co.uk/nhs-services/nhs-mental-health/leicester-leicestershire-rutland/

Extra support…                                     

If you are still struggling, please contact the surgery to book a review. You may be offered an appointment with our dedicated Mental Health Practitioner to decide what other support you may need. In some cases, medication may be needed to support your mental health and aid your recovery.