I am worried about becoming homeless

If you are homeless, or worried that this may happen to you, please follow these links for some advice and support: 

P3 Charity – This is Rutland’s Housing and Homelessness Floating Support https://www.p3charity.org/services/rutland-floating-support 

Citizen’s Advice Bureau – Can advise on many issues, including homelessness. https://citizensadvicerutland.org.uk/ 

Is money the underlying cause?

Take a look at the other pages on this site for further support for money worries, and for looking after your mental health while you may be going through some challenging times.

For support accessing food locally, please also see these…

Rutland Community Fridge (no Referral needed) https://www.rootandbranchout.co.uk/community-fridge.html

Rutland Food Bank (Referral need from Council) – https://rutland.foodbank.org.uk/

Extra support…                         

If you are still struggling, please contact the surgery to book a review. You may be offered an appointment with our dedicated Mental Health Practitioner to decide what other support you may need. In some cases, medication may be needed to support your mental health and aid your recovery.